Sometimes you need someone to see you, right where you are. No pretenses, no judgement. Just wholly honest and heartfelt conversation. 

Sometimes you need someone to be transparent with what it takes to charge $10k...
$15k. $25k. $40k. 

Sometimes you need a reset or a whole new way of looking at things. 

And maybe you might need it all. 

We're an open book, curtains drawn back, we're willing to talk (and show you) about anything behind the scenes.

"I've had the honor to coach and mentor many photographers on their photography journey, but in the last months I found myself more and more confused with my own business and had billions of questions. That’s when I came across Mashaida's mentoring sessions.

 I put myself in this really vulnerable spot and just asked for their help and shared all of my struggles. How Mashaida answered me, how she encouraged me, how she loved on me was mind blowing!!! I feel like that was exactly what I needed to hear to set me free and to be able to move forward. She showered me with encouragement, love and also challenged me exactly where I needed it. But on top of that I gained a friend!!!

It was one hour, were we got to meet each other and connected and I even cried. She is just the sweetest soul and I want to encourage you, if you are looking for photography mentoring sessions, reach out to her ASAP! Don’t wait! It could change your business and you forever. Haha, it sounds a little cheesy, but it’s true!
From the bottom of my heart: thank you Mashaida!"

- From Lea

"How Mashaida answered me, how she encouraged me, how she loved on me was mind blowing!!! "

3 Month

 1 Hour Call

2 Hour Call

 1 Hour Editing Zoom Call.
Includes live editing of your own images from a LR catalog you send before our call. 

Portfolio Review
Includes in depth review of website, IG, and up to 3 recent galleries + 2 hour call 

A La Carte


 Raising prices

Working with your spouse

Reaching the luxury and ultra luxury market

Film, Flash, Technique

Networking and Marketing

Example Topics


In-Depth Questionnaire 

2 Hour Kick-off
 Strategy Call

One call each month
(1 hour) for 3 months

Final Wrap-Up + Trajectory Call
(1 hour) 


Begin...the rest is easy.

- From a wise and delicous fortune cookie