“While there is certainly a time and place for color photographs,
it may not draw you into the stillness of the moment
in a way that a monochrome photo can.”

Even before I was a photographer, I’ve long admired black and white photography. I have vivid memories of my grandmother and I visiting antique shops and while she collected treasures, I sifted through countless milk crates of vintage photographs. Over the years, I began to collect them and created stories about who and what these people could’ve been like. There’s just something different about black and white photography; without any distraction of color – you just see emotion.

When Andrew and I became photographers, we started in the dark room doing black and white portraits. With a background in painting, I was always drawn to the simplicity of the medium. The shadows and light that are so distinctly (and often discreetly) captured from behind the lens. You see people for who they are; their God-given beauty, sincere emotion and a certain whisper of a moment. 

Sometimes we find in color photography that your attention is instinctively drawn to a purposeful focal point; perhaps the color of someone’s eyes or their unmistakable red lip. While there is certainly a time and place for those photographs, it may not draw you into the stillness of the moment in a way that a monochrome photo can. When looking at a black and white photo, you may find yourself instead drawn to someone’s distinct features, the curling of their mouth or shape of their eye. Greyscale is a much more raw medium and captures a certain slowness of time. 

We’re moved by the nostalgia of black and white photography and have praised photographers like Paul Almasy and Robert Doisneau for their exquisite 1950’s Parisian portraits. Their collections stir a longing of what it felt like to be in that exact moment and we find ourselves heralding back to that sentiment as inspiration when we’re on our signature engagement session shoot or photographing a wedding day. 

You’ll find as a client of ours that roughly 20-30% of your final gallery will be black and white, much higher than most luxury film photographers. It is our desire these selections will evoke a true timelessness, much like those photos I sorted through in the antique shop.

If you’re a potential client or planner looking for a dynamic photography team to capture the experience of your wedding, we’d love to hear from you. 

An Ode To
Black and White



“Our rapport was so good, our friends couldn’t believe that we had just met, and even thought they were part of the wedding party.”

"Andrew and Mashaida are hands down the best photographers imaginable, and the outcome of our wedding photos turned out to be the definition of perfection. They made us look like our best selves by directing us on poses that made us feel natural and comfortable. Andrew and Mashaida go beyond just capturing photos. They don't think of their clients as clients - they care for them as friends and it shows. We continue to stay in touch to this day, and I know we aren't the only ones who had such a positive experience."

Elise and Zach, after their Chateau Wedding in France


“I remember thinking to myself ‘WOW, these are pictures my grandchildren will one day have.’”

Andrew and Mashadia have such a keen eye for interesting poses and settings. Their creativity and direction they took everything was magical and all the credit goes to Andrew and Mashaida. They are true artists. They put so much love and care into their craft, which resulted in pictures we will hold onto and cherish forever."

Alexa and Benton


“Andrew and Mashaida have such a beautiful editorial eye, helping us relax and feel natural while being able to capture our personalities flawlessly.”

"I’ll just state the obvious —Mashaida and Andrew are incredibly, insanely talented. The way they capture every moment is so beautiful and intentional, capturing every detail without you ever noticing they’re there. Not only that, but they genuinely make you feel so elegant, which is such a comfort because the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to look. Naturally, 
I will always think our wedding photos were the best, but what I found surprising was how many friends, family members, even distant coworkers went out of their way to tell me how much they loved our photos as well!"

Katie and Morgan, after their Paso Robles Hammersky Vineyard wedding.


“They are true artists that are extremely knowledgEable and know how to capture images in a very elegant and timeless way.”

“As a professional wedding planner and decorator I have worked with Andrew and Mashaida not only for a client’s wedding but for my own wedding as well! They are not only professional, but extremely kind people that will make sure their clients are comfortable throughout the entire process. I can’t thank them enough or explain how much we loved our wedding photos."

Bahar and Sekandar, after their destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy


“When we look at our pictures now, it’s like we are reliving that day. The emotions that the images evoke are so real.”

"Andrew and Mashaida truly captured the essence of our day and it's so fun to see it through their eyes. Everything from the candid photos that capture our joy to the posed portraits and detail shots that capture the elements of our day were just perfect.  In the end, the tangibles are priceless, but they truly provided us with an experience that we won't soon forget. We started the wedding journey looking for a vendor to take pretty photographs, and walked away with priceless legacy worthy tokens and dear dear friends whom we'd open our home to any time."

Charlotte and David, after their Washington D.C. wedding

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