It’s impossible to experience Paris in a weekend—the beauty of the city is that it’s meant to be explored at a leisurely pace. Instead of cramming in all the main attractions, choose just one neighborhood and enjoy it from morning to night. Wander the streets to work up your appetite. Pick up baguette, fruit, and cheese to satiate it. Something we love about Paris is the spontaneity and adventure that awaits at every turn. The streets tell the story. It's up to you to listen. 

Allow us to take you through our local approach to seeing the 7th arrondissement, often called the heart of Paris. This area is home to the Eiffel Tower, the Rodin Museum, and Rue du Bac, which are three must-sees during your stay. Follow along, and you’ll see that when you plan well, they’re far more than tourist attractions. 

What to bring
A polite, engaged attitude: For the French, saying hello and goodbye is just as important as extending thanks. We’ve found that interacting with Parisians in French—no matter how choppy you think you sound—goes a long way. Say “bonjour” or “bonsoir” to the shop owners when you enter their store. You’d be surprised how they light up. 

A bag to fit your finds: Tote something that’s big enough to carry your essentials (for us, that includes a camera and a corkscrew) as well as the items you’ll pick up along the way. Opt for something subtle and chic, and you won’t look like the typical tourist. 

Where to go
Rue du Bac: Don’t rush your way through this street. It’s full of shops and restaurants, and each one is worth a stop in. You’ll find classic Parisian candy shops and shoe stores. Our favorite tea shop, Conservatoire des Hemispheres, is well worth a stop. The teas are not only incredible, but also beautiful. You’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time; the shopkeepers wear white gloves to present the different kinds of leaves and blends. If you’re hungry for a meal, we recommend Cafe Varenne. You’ll experience friendly servers and excellent escargot (a must-have during your time). 

Rodin Museum: Paris has plenty of museums, but we love spending our time visiting the smaller ones. This one is one of our favorites in the world—and we’ve been to hundreds. Rodin himself lived in the house and also began to build the museum during his lifetime, so you get to see the exhibits and the artwork as the artist wanted you to see them. Be sure to wander through the gardens, too. You can see his famous sculpture, The Thinker, then settle on a bench to take in the blooms and scents around you. 

What to do
Picnic at the Eiffel Tower: We recommend getting there from the Rodin Museum via Rue Saint-Dominique. Gather snacks and sips along the way—but don’t get it all in one shop. Pick up a baguette at a bakery, and choose cheese from a fromagerie. Paris is a perfect place to try new cheeses: Pick one that’s soft and one that’s firm for good variety. Don’t forget fresh fruit (Saturn peaches will make your mouth water, if you can find them). Spend time in a wine store to select a bottle that goes well with the snacks you’ve collected. Then keep walking towards the Eiffel Tower. Choose a grassy patch on the promenade, and get comfortable. Listen to the people talking around you, and if you’re staying past sunset, watch as the tower starts to twinkle. It’s the city of lights, after all. 

Paris is one of our favorite places in the world, but we’re always eager to experience new places through our photography. If you’re interested in learning more about how we approach destination weddings, get in touch. 

The Insider’s Guide to the Heart of Paris 


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