Most photographers want to get to know their couples ahead of the wedding day. We take it a step further, because developing a true friendship with the couples we work with is a cornerstone to our philosophy and the greatest joy of our job. It’s so important to us that we reimagined the typical two-hour engagement shoot and created our Signature Engagement Experience, which allows us to spend an entire day together with you and your spouse-to-be.

We’re behind the camera, of course, but we also get to know you on a personal level so we can capture your relationship accordingly. Read ahead for how we plan the session. By the end of the day, we hope you’ll join us for a celebratory cocktail or shared meal. 
To get to the heart of who you are as a couple (and as individuals), we’ll ask you to sit down together and create some lists, which we use to craft a storyboard for your engagement session. We encourage you to talk about the places you love and the things you love to do together. Dream about the future experiences you want to share together, and take notes! Even seemingly inconsequential details can factor into how we approach your engagement session, so it's uniquely yours. We assist you through the entire process, not only helping you select a location but also creating a moodboard that makes you excited. What places tell a story or have special meaning to you? What would your fantasy shoot look like? If you could do anything and go anywhere, what would it be? We’re not afraid to think BIG.
As a husband-and-wife team, we love encouraging couples to think of activities that create incredible new memories: Horseback riding, a hot air balloon ride, or a scenic drive in a classic rental car. We love fresh, new ideas and are happy to rendezvous somewhere off the beaten path. 
Wardrobe + Location Storyboard
Using the information you provide, we’ll begin crafting your engagement shoot storyboard. We create moodboards for two different options that reflect some of the dreams you jotted down for our review and align with what we can feasibly do (and what would be most photogenic, too). We always pull inspiration images for you to consider, so you can really envision yourselves in the moments we could capture for either prompt. Perhaps it’s a beach-side brunch followed by a sunset sail, or a city stroll capped off with ice cream at your favorite shop. 
Once you’ve chosen the shoot idea that resonates best with you two, we pull together a document that includes top-line information for the day, as well as curated wardrobe suggestions. We hand-pick the clothing options for you and your partner (we’ll even provide shopping links) so they jibe well with the location, season, and your personal preferences. These details make all the difference.
Shoot Day
You arrive with your partner, and we’ll handle the rest! We’ll have unlimited time together so there won’t be a rush in how we spend the day. As the day unfolds, we invite you to slow down and enjoy the experience with your spouse-to-be. We’ll be flies on the wall, capturing the emotions and moments that happen naturally (you might even forget we’re snapping pictures of you!).
Our approach is always putting people first, and we like to think that our deep level of personalization is one way our brand stands out. Outside of your wedding day, we believe that our Signature Engagement Experience allows our couples to trust in our work, our process and ultimately, our deliverables. Your engagement session should not be like anyone else’s, so let's create some magic together. 

Booking Mashaida for your Engagement Photos

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“Our rapport was so good, our friends couldn’t believe that we had just met, and even thought they were part of the wedding party.”

"Andrew and Mashaida are hands down the best photographers imaginable, and the outcome of our wedding photos turned out to be the definition of perfection. They made us look like our best selves by directing us on poses that made us feel natural and comfortable. Andrew and Mashaida go beyond just capturing photos. They don't think of their clients as clients - they care for them as friends and it shows. We continue to stay in touch to this day, and I know we aren't the only ones who had such a positive experience."

Elise and Zach, after their Chateau Wedding in France


“I remember thinking to myself ‘WOW, these are pictures my grandchildren will one day have.’”

Andrew and Mashadia have such a keen eye for interesting poses and settings. Their creativity and direction they took everything was magical and all the credit goes to Andrew and Mashaida. They are true artists. They put so much love and care into their craft, which resulted in pictures we will hold onto and cherish forever."

Alexa and Benton


“Andrew and Mashaida have such a beautiful editorial eye, helping us relax and feel natural while being able to capture our personalities flawlessly.”

"I’ll just state the obvious —Mashaida and Andrew are incredibly, insanely talented. The way they capture every moment is so beautiful and intentional, capturing every detail without you ever noticing they’re there. Not only that, but they genuinely make you feel so elegant, which is such a comfort because the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to look. Naturally, 
I will always think our wedding photos were the best, but what I found surprising was how many friends, family members, even distant coworkers went out of their way to tell me how much they loved our photos as well!"

Katie and Morgan, after their Paso Robles Hammersky Vineyard wedding.


“They are true artists that are extremely knowledgEable and know how to capture images in a very elegant and timeless way.”

“As a professional wedding planner and decorator I have worked with Andrew and Mashaida not only for a client’s wedding but for my own wedding as well! They are not only professional, but extremely kind people that will make sure their clients are comfortable throughout the entire process. I can’t thank them enough or explain how much we loved our wedding photos."

Bahar and Sekandar, after their destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy


“When we look at our pictures now, it’s like we are reliving that day. The emotions that the images evoke are so real.”

"Andrew and Mashaida truly captured the essence of our day and it's so fun to see it through their eyes. Everything from the candid photos that capture our joy to the posed portraits and detail shots that capture the elements of our day were just perfect.  In the end, the tangibles are priceless, but they truly provided us with an experience that we won't soon forget. We started the wedding journey looking for a vendor to take pretty photographs, and walked away with priceless legacy worthy tokens and dear dear friends whom we'd open our home to any time."

Charlotte and David, after their Washington D.C. wedding

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